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Rhythmic Patterns of Life

Rhythm is actually the pulse of life and affects all conditions within the body. It can be used to restore a normal, healthy pulse within the body by triggering a resonance with the body's natural rhythm or, as in the case of a rhythm counter to the normal heartbeat pattern, it can affect all of the internal body functions in a negative way.  Steady, directed rhythm restores the body to its place of balance.  The effects of sound in any form are cumulative. The more we are exposed to beneficial sounds, the greater and more permanent effect they have on our bodies and, conversely, the more we are exposed to sounds that are detrimental to us, the greater the negative effect they have upon us on all levels.  Each of us has our own unique energy system, responding to the sounds in our environment in a variety of ways. Sound therapy is one way to return the body to a state of natural balance.

Voice Prints
Sound Assessments

Sound, color and light are frequencies that are natural to the body and necessary for the body to retain its balance. Many health issues, or imbalances, find root in our gradual alienation from nature and "natural" lifestyles. From birth until death, we are surrounded by a variety of outward influences, forces, gravities and pollutants. Some people can tolerate these manifestations to some degree, while others are more sensitive to them. As modern medicine gains more knowledge and understanding about health and disease, it is adopting therapies that are more natural and less toxic.

The voice might be referred to as the "headline" of what is occurring within. Scientific research has devised methods of measuring the imbalances in the body by tracking the notes in the voice. Research has shown that specific notes out of balance correlate with specific illnesses or disease. Sound, color and light can be supplied to assist the body to return to its natural point of balance. When the stress is relieved, the body can begin to heal itself, and can even become entrained to produce the necessary frequencies.

Individual appointments may be made for voice prints or sound assessments. Each voice print session is approximately one hour long, and includes a print of the notes in your voice (showing where any imbalances occur), lists of suggested music in specific keys and lists of vitamins, minerals and amino acids with their respective frequencies. Also included is a list of possible problems and symptoms which may be associated with particular notes in stress. A sound assessment includes testing various frequencies indicated by the imbalances in the voice print, with the objective of returning the body to a natural state of balance.

Color/Light Therapy/Color Gels

Color gels for use in color/light therapy are available in a variety of sizes. These color gels can be taped to a ceiling fixture or lamp, and used either in conjunction with sound or alone to bring balance into the body. There are eleven colored gels which are used in combination to make the various colors recommended by Dinshah.  For more information on where to purchase these color gels, please e-mail

Note: Voice prints, sound assessments and color/light therapy are not intended to replace medical treatment.


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