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A guide to the identification, appreciation, and uses of the
Plants of the North Country

The plants listed are all plants I have seen and photographed in our area. Some of the plants we have personal experience with, while some of the suggested uses are based on commonly accepted qualities of the plants. This is not meant to be a comprehensive list of all plants and their uses, but will continue to be added to and revised as more information becomes available.  


Pictured:  Pink Ladyslipper, Bunchberry, Starry False Solomon Seal and Goldthread, growing in the woods at our farm.

 Plants of the North Country

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The index pages have photographs of scenes in our geographical area.  

Guidelines For Ethical Wildcrafting

Flower Essences and How to Make Them

Individual Flower Essences

Herbal Infusions 

Although this information is presented with respect and appreciation for our herbal partners, it is not intended to replace conventional medical attention. Please use this information with your own discretion, understanding that we are each responsible for our own health.

Please wildcraft with responsibility and reverence.

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Note:  All photos are the property of Diamon Naturals, and were taken in the North Central area of the United States. Please obtain permission from the owner before using them.



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