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Diamon Naturals

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Art Print Cards

The following cards are prints of my original collage art, and have captions printed inside.

The captions available are listed beneath the picture, or the card could be imprinted with the caption of your choice.

These cards are suitable for framing and each has its own envelope included.

$7.50 each


Orignal Art Print 1

Captions available:

"Shall We Dance?"  or  "You Put the Twinkle in My Toes!"

Original Art Print 2

Captions available:

"Be Careful What You Wish For!"  or  "You Light My Fire!"

Orignal Art Print 3

Captions available:

"Aargh! It Feels Like Monday Again!"  or  "Sometimes there's a reason to be PARANOID!"

Original Art Print 4

"The Sky's the Limit!"

Original Art Print 5

Captions available:

"You make my heart sing!"  or  "Just a little night music..."

Original Art Print 6

"Ever have one of those days?"  or  "Feel like someone is pulling your strings?"

Orignal Art Print 7

Captions available:

"Don't Limit Your Possibilities!"  or  "Welcome to My World!"

Original Art Print 8

"Be Prepared!"

Original Art Print 9

"I only have eyes for you..."

Original Art Print 10

"Allow yourself to see..."


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