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"Tickle My Fancy" Collage Cards

  These Collage Cards are designed from a selection of hand-made papers, with a variety of textures and colors on card stock, and each card includes a matching envelope.  The inside of the card is blank, allowing space for your personal message.  Each collage contains a feather, metallic stamps, ribbons and/or wire shapes, hence the name, "Tickle My Fancy."   Some cards incorporate dried leaves or dried flowers into the design.  The cards measure approximately 5" by 7", and are suitable for framing. You can wrap a frame to go with it for a unique gift idea.

Each card is an original, one-of-a-kind, not a print.  Indicate the color preference, if any, when ordering cards, along with any preference for metallic stamps.  Pick the card(s) you prefer of those shown, and a similar card will be crafted.  

Pictures of the cards can be e-mailed to you prior to sending, for your approval.

$7.50 each



Collage Card 1


Collage Card 2


Collage Card 3


Collage Card 4


Collage Card 5


Collage Card 6


Collage Card 7


Collage Card 8


Collage Card 9


Collage Card 10


Collage Card 11


Collage Card 12


Collage Card 13


Collage Card 14


Collage Card 15


Collage Card 16


Collage Card 17


Collage Card 18


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