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Fabric Art and Miscellaneous Items

Tote Bags

These bags are designed in a variety of fabrics and embellished with buttons and beads.  Most are approximately 12" wide by 16" high by 4 inches deep.  Each is one of a kind, although some may be sewn from similar materials.  All bags have multiple pockets, inside and out, for easy organization of your belongings.  Some pockets are small, to hold pens and pencils and business cards, some with pockets sized for cellular phones and calculators.  

$35.00 per bag


A loden green background fabric is accented with a satin floral tapestry in muted colors.  Front and back pockets, the top and front pocket closed with a leather flap and a glass bead from India.  Back is decorated with copper pony beads on a loden stripe.  Four inside pockets on a pastel floral print.

This bag is made of black canvas, with a rose tapestry print.  The front has a waffle-weave fabric in dark gray, embellished with glass beads from India.  Front and back pockets, with a mini-floral print lining.  Two inside pockets.










Gold tapestry and a printed tapestry in rust, green and gold adorn this loden green tote bag.  The front is decorated with a gold band and topaz gold glass beaded fringe.  Three pockets finish a neutral printed lining.










A black and gold horse-printed tapestry is paired with a black/gold fabric and a solid black jacquard fabric.  Decorated with a leather flap and a bead from India, as well as fringe in black and gold.  Two front pockets, back pocket and five inside pockets on a black cotton crepe lining.

Dark green canvas is paired with a sage-colored velvet fabric and a rust and green tapestry.  Glass beads from India add contrast on a sage green velvet band.  Front and back pockets and a beige print lining with four inside pockets.

Black canvas combined with a red and gold paisley print tapestry fabric make a richly bold statement.  Bone bead shapes dangle down the front pocket.  Two front pockets, back pocket, and four inside pockets of whimsical contrast stripes and polka-dots on a striped lining.










A bear-print tapestry and a green/rust tweed tapestry decorated with fringe grace a loden green canvas bag. Front and back pockets, with 3 whimsical print inside pockets on a striped lining.










A satin striped tapestry fabric forms pockets on the front and back of this purple tote bag.  A silver vinyl flap with a glass bead from India form a closure on the front pocket, with more glass beads dangling from an applique design on the back, of emerald green velvet and silver vinyl.  A white canvas lining is decorated with four whimsical pockets.









Cat lover's special!  Charcoal gray pinstripe suiting forms a backdrop for a cat-printed tapestry and a black jacquard pocket is closed with a weathered leather tab and a glass button from India.  Back pocket and two front pockets with a gold swirl-printed lining and three inside pockets.










Plum colored canvas is a background for this subtle satin tapestry print.  Back and front pockets, the front trimmed with aubergine glass beaded fringe dangling from a black strip.  Four inside pockets on an oversized floral print lining.










Charcoal gray pinstripe suiting is decorated with a teal and melon printed tapestry.  A vinyl flap closes the front pocket, finished with a glass button from India.  Back pocket is decorated with a strip of the same tapestry featured on the front.  The teal lining has four whimsical pockets.










A dog-printed tapestry print is paired with black and gold tweed fabric.  A leather flap closes a black jacquard fabric pocket, with a glass bead from India.  Striped lining with 4 inside pockets.








A slate blue background provides a backdrop for a satin tapestry fabric in blue and gold.  Bone beads dangle from a front band, while gold fringe decorates the edges of the back pocket.  Front and back pockets with 4 inside pockets and a floral print lining.










Plum-colored canvas is teamed with a silvery tapestry and a floral printed tapestry in teal, plum and silver to form a front and back pocket.  The front pocket is closed with a leather flap and fastened with a teal glass bead from India.  Three inside pockets on a mini-floral pink lining.

Dish Cloths

100% cotton machine-knit handmade dish cloths in a waffle weave pattern.  Variety of colors.

$2.00 each


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