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Flower Essences and How to Make Them

Flower essences originated with Paracelsus, the parent of modern alchemy, who collected dew from plants to treat his patients. They were later developed by Edward Bach, a doctor interested in homeopathy (which also uses ideas from alchemy). This method for making essences describes using the Sun, but you can also use the full Moon (and even tweak it by choosing the Moon when it's in a particular sign) or pure starlight (after the Moon has set). You can use the same technique to make an essence of leaves, whole herbs, or roots.


Clear glass bowl with no markings, fairly small, like a shallow soup bowl size. You will cover the surface of the water with flowers

Unbleached coffee filter to filter the essence   

Funnel for transferring the essence

Spring water or dew

Brown bottles to hold the essence

Brandy, preferably white

When you decide what you want to make an essence of, ask the plant if you have permission to use it. What works for me is to just send love to the plant, asking if it will share its essence with me.  I can feel the warmth coming back from the plant, indicating permission. On a sunny morning, fill the bowl half full of water (about Ĺ cup to 3/4 cup is probably sufficient). I didn't notice any appreciable evaporation, but some flowers do absorb the water more than others. Make sure your hands are clean and the dishes are clean. Flower essences work with vibrations, so this part is important. Pick enough perfect flowers to cover the surface, being careful to keep them as whole as possible. Leave the bowl in full sunlight for three hours or more, until the flowers begin to wilt. Make sure shadows don't fall on it during that time, and that children and animals don't mess with it. Itís appropriate to allow the bowl to remain next to the plants that bore the flowers, whenever possible. When finished, the petals will be slightly wilted, indicating the essence has been transmitted to the water.  I use the whole flower, but for very large flowers, you would probably choose to use just the petals. Most of the first essences I made took up to or over 8 hours, but it wasn't that hot here.  Heat AND sun are what is needed to do it in less time.

I poured the whole bowl, water and flowers, through a natural coffee filter that was set in a clean funnel, and filtered it into a Pyrex measuring cup. That way, the flowers are left in the filter and not handled again. Note how many ounces of Flower Essence you have. Pour the Essence into a clean, dark bottle large enough to add an equal amount of white brandy. Cap the bottle tightly and shake it gently to activate the Essence. This is the Mother Essence. Label with the flower and the date. Store in a cool, dark place away from electrical and other energy sources, and it will keep indefinitely. Your intent is very important whenever working with plants, I believe.  If you have a lot of love and respect for the plants, they respond by giving their full essence. Whenever I work with herbs or plants, I become very centered and energized. That is the gift of the plant to me. If you are doing this with  children, talk to them about the interaction of plants and people, and how much they give to us... By clearing toxins from the ground, by purifying the air.  Your children will grow up with a respect for plants, also, and they are the future.

I make Stock Essences by putting only TWO drops of the Mother Essence into a one-ounce bottle filled with white brandy. Again, I shake it gently to activate the Essence of the Flower. I use essence from the stock bottle to make a dosage bottle, adding 4 drops of the stock essence to a one-ounce dropper bottle, filled 1/8 to 1/4 with white brandy and 7/8 to 3/4 spring water mix. It's hard to be exact with that small an amount, so I just put a bit of brandy in the bottle (about a Tablespoon) and top it with spring water, without measuring exactly. Shake gently to activate. With essences, the greater the dilution, the greater the power. When you realize how little of the Mother Essence is used for each stock bottle, which is then again diluted for the medicine bottle, you can understand how only a half cup of the Mother Essence will go a long way. Flower Essences are very gentle and act slowly, as most herbs do. I have noticed very few of the flowers even change the color of the water to much extent, although a few of them have. The dosage is to take 4 drops about 4 times a day. It is recommended not to increase the amount of dosage, but to increase the frequency of the dosage, if you feel you need more.


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