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Please browse through our online catalog at your leisure.  There are recipes included on some pages, instructions for making a box soap mold, lists of the qualities of various vegetable oils and the generally accepted qualities of some herbs.

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Available from Diamon Naturals:

LifeSounds Voice Prints, Sound Assessments, Color, Light Therapy

Information on sound, color, and light therapy; color gels


Collage & Other Art Forms

Collage Cards, Art print cards, Fabric Art and Miscellaneous items, Kaleidoscopes, Ukrainian Eggs (pysanky) and egg-decorating supplies, Beeswax Ornaments.


Herbal Products

Bath and spa products, salves and balms, natural herbal soaps, specialty soaps, MSM, lip balm, massage butters, aromatherapy herbal neck wraps, eye pillows, sleep pillows, recipes.


Semi-Precious Gemstone Jewelry

View a variety of semi-precious gemstone earrings and pendants, with reputed qualities of gemstones listed


Crystals & Stones

Crystals and stones imported from South Africa; some rare and unique stones



Reiki and other Healing Arts

Information on Reiki healing sessions and attunements; Chinese cupping massage



The information presented on these pages is based on researched herbal material, and not meant to replace traditional medical care.  The readers are responsible for their own health.  In offering the recipes and remedies on these pages, we assume you are using them at your own discretion and as a result of personal research regarding their safety and effectiveness.  List owner assumes no liability for improper use of the information and products listed in these pages.

Alaena Charlotte Diamon

Sound TherapistReiki MasterSpiritual IntuitiveHerbalistArtist


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Plant Portfolio  An under-construction guide to plants in the Upper Midwest area of the United States with photographs

Doreen Diamon Steffen's Collage Gallery

The Lake Superior Herbalist Guild  Information on meeting time, place and topic

The Northstar Herbalist Guild  Information on meeting time, place and topic.

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