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Malachite is a carbonate that forms as crystals and as films on other minerals or banded in different shades of green. It is associated with the number 9, the astrological sign of Taurus and the Earth element. It assists one in making transformations and is balancing and revitalizing for all levels of the body. Promotes fidelity and friendship, and enhances psychic abilities.

Chrysocolla is a silicate and appears in stalactite masses and microcrystalline crusts. It resonates to the sign of Gemini and the element of Air. It calms the lower three chakras and eases emotional pain on the heart chakra. It is healing to the Earth and purifies the home and environment, a powerful visionary aid.

These gorgeous specimens of Malachite and Chrysocolla are in their natural state. The large piece in the back measures 5-3/8 inches at the base and is 5-3/4 inches high, $10.00. The three smaller pieces in the front are, from left to right, 4 inches wide and 2-7/8 high, for $8.00. The middle piece in front is 1-7/8 inches wide and 3-7/8 inches long, $5.00 . The piece on the right is 2 inches wide and 3-1/2 inches high, $6.00 .


This beautiful round Malachite and Marble Chess set is a collector's item! It measures 8-3/4 inches in diameter, and the pieces are hand-carved of Malachite and white Marble, $95.00.

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