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Rose Quartz

Known as the "love stone", rose quartz brings relaxation, inner peace and tranquility. It aids the ability to give and receive love, and is the stone that is said to heal the heart. It has to do with all matters dealing with love, affection, compassion and kindness, and is associated with the heart chakra.


 Our earrings combine elegant Cloisonné beads with Rose Quartz and gold, $15.00


 The coordinating pendant is a popular pi, or donut, shape with a large Cloisonné bead and a long rattail cord, which can be shortened, if desired. The pendant comes in a lovely hand-fashioned collage gift box. Pendant and gift box: $25.00




Rose Quartz points combine with a red-background Cloisonné bead, $15.00.

Cloisonné beads top Rose Quartz points, $15.00.


Rose Quartz points dangle from pink and white cloisonné beads, $15.00.

Rose Quartz points combine with a blue oval Cloisonné bead, $15.00.

Rose Quartz beads and garnet chips combine with silver-toned metal, $10.00.

Earrings or pendants can be designed with your choice of semi-precious gemstones, if you prefer. Send an e-mail with your preference, to check the availability of stones.

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